Collection: FALL '23

Karl Kani plays with the ideas of timeless pieces and innovative design details in this new collection.

Throughout the collection, there are familiar silhouettes; baggy pants, oversized jacket, exaggerated shorts, and comfortable shirts. But these silhouettes are executed with clever design details that give these items a unique personality. Top stitching and pleating are repeated throughout the group to add structure, volume, and texture to the story.

The bottoms sit at the waist, with a relaxed yet refined baggy cut, adding an elevated personality to the wearer. The pants have a purposeful and controlled drape on the legs. Pleating placements were experimented with to add volume in new ways such as at the knees, back waist, and pockets. The execution of these pants give very purposeful volume to every single fold and drape.

The collection has a group of jackets with strong character. The goal was to keep comfort, layering, and style in mind. These pieces carry a good tailored body filled with structure and minimalism. Small details such as exaggerated pockets and top stitching were kept consistent throughout the collection to tie in the main goal, creating innovative classics.

The collection revolves around the idea of playing with design basics; creative shapes, contrast in proportions, playful structure, and compelling details. This mixture created “the new classics” that are necessary timeless pieces for your closet. Each piece, cut with precision and executed with strong elements, creates a strong group of garments that perfectly represent Karl Kani.

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